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Providing "Great Coffee for the Greater Good" is more than just an advertising slogan at Mission Bean. It's what we do. And helping people like Deb is one of the countless reasons why we do it.

Deb's Story

Deb's Story - Greater Good Deb was born in 1979 with the birth defect, Spina Bifida. Her spinal cord was incompletely formed. When she was two days old, she had surgery to correct the condition, but she was left with life-long disabilities. She has partial paralysis below the waist and diminished sensation below the knees.  

Deb needs leg braces, from waist to toes, in order to walk. Throughout her life, she has been called "stupid" or "lazy" and has suffered from self esteem issues. She now lives on Social Security Disability, but was recently evicted when her move to a new apartment caused a delay in receiving her check. She came to the Mission in a wheelchair.

Deb has not had leg braces for five years. Arthritis in her knees and various medical problems have sapped her strength and made it difficult to walk. However, at the Mission, Deb's future is changing. She has been going to daily devotions, called the Filling Station, and is supported by the prayers and friendship of the staff and guests. Deb reports that people at the Mission respond to her very positively, often offering help even before she asks! She has decided to try leg braces again. And she wants to start physical therapy to strengthen her muscles.

Our prayers are with Deb as she takes on the challenge of walking. We are dedicated to helping her succeed.